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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use MDARC Members Portal?

The portal is aimed at MDARC members in addition to club officers and staff.

How can I log in into the Portal?

At first you have to be registered user. To register you have to be an active MDARC member and provide your MDARC registered email in the "Sign up for user access" text field on the home page at https://mdarc.jlkconsulting.info/. If you provided a correct MDARC email, a form will load to provide user information, i. e. name and address, etc.

After you submit the form you will receive an email with a link for setting up your username and password. When this is done, you will get a notice when your account is approved and then you can start using the Portal.

What the MDARC Membership Portal has to offer?

This is the first early release public version and so far provides the following options:

  1. The ability to modify members’ own data such as name, address and callsign
  2. Add, edit and delete members’ family members who can also be Club members
  3. Observe membership status including the membership fees

Can the membership dues be also paid via this Portal?

Not at this moment. However, this feature is planned and hopefully will be implemented soon, perhaps in a month or two at the latest. As of now the dues for membership renewals are paid via Constant Contact listed at the MDARC website at https://www.mdarc.org/about-us/joinrenewupdate

Can new members register using the Portal?

Not at this moment. This feature is at the same stage as the ability to pay membership dues as it is mentioned above. As of now new members can register here: MDARC Member Registration

Would like to become an MDARC Member? Here is how

It is easy. Just visit https://www.mdarc.org/about-us/joinrenewupdate and see whether or not you would like to pay online or via the old school filling the form and mail it along with the check.

I am interested to become an MDARC member. What should I do?

Follow this link Join MDARC and follow the instructions page.